1.1.0 - Multi-Project Boards, Swimlanes, Permissions and much more

April 30, 2017

This is a full rewrite of the UI and Backend.

  • fa-check
  • boards can now be associated with multiple projects
  • new board types that allow associating a column with a specific issue field like assignee or priority, which automatically updates issues when they are moved between columns
  • swimlane support. Both free-form (move issues however you want), and field based (like assignee and priority)
  • clicking an issue now shows a new issue sidebar with issue details


  • better handling of board filters and JQL queries
  • improved styling of the board, columns, and issues
  • many improvements to horizontal and vertical scrolling as well as drag & drop
  • columns are now collapsible
  • better permissions. boards can now be kept private, shared with everyone, or shared with specific groups
  • boards now allow restricting who can see a board, move issues, or edit a board
  • improved board list with separation of private vs shared boards


  • More than I can count (well.. about 170 tickets worth) :)