E-Mail Support

    If you need help with Simple Agile Boards for JIRA, simply send us an e-mail: support@tss.io

    Whether you're encountering issues, have a question, or would like to make a feature request, we're happy to help.

    Having Issues?

    If you're encountering issues with the plugin, send us an email (support@tss.io), with details about the issue you're encountering.

    Please include the Support Zip file that JIRA produces for diagnosing issues.

    Any additional information you can provide, from steps to reproduce, your browser version, your JIRA version, or even a sample Screenshot/Screencast are always welcome and allow us to diagnose & fix issues faster.

    You can produce the "Support Zip" by accessing
    and clicking on the Support Zip tab.

    Take a look below for more details on how to generate the Support Zip.

    NOTE: If the support zip is larger than 15 MB (too large to receive by email) - contact us via email, and we will provide a secure location to upload the support zip.

    Generating the Support Zip

    JIRA can produce a Support Zip file for diagnosing issues. This will give our support team a better view of the issue.

    You can create this file by accessing the Atlassian Support Tools in your JIRA:

    1. Go to Administration > System.
    2. Click Atlassian Support Tools.
    3. Click the Support Zip tab.
    4. Leave all options checked (recommended) or check/uncheck required information to generate.
    5. Click Create.

    Locate the generated Support Zip file and send it to us via email at support@tss.io.