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    JIRA Agile boards are always tied to the issue statuses and workflows. There is no way to map a column to other issue fields, or provide completely arbitrary columns (or swimlanes for that matter).

    This makes it particularly painful for teams consisting of mixed disciplines. Your designers, sales, QA people, etc might live in the same JIRA project as your developers, making it painful to design Issue workflows that match all their needs.

    This is where Agile Boards shines. It's like having Trello right inside your JIRA instance. You can make any columns and swimlanes you want, and move issues between them at will.

    Ultimately, this means that you probably wouldn't want to use Simple Agile boards instead of JIRA Agile, but more likely use it in addition to JIRA Agile.
    We store Agile Boards in our own database. This includes board definitions (selected projects, columns, swimlanes, permissions), as well as which column or lane an issue is assigned to. If you have columns or swimlanes tied to issue fields, we automatically update the issue itself when an issue card is moved, which would be the same as when you edit a field.
    Absolutely nothing!
    Simple Agile Boards keeps track of the boards, columns, swimlanes, and which column/lane an issue is assigned to in it's own database tables. When you uninstall the addon, your projects and JIRA issues remain as they are.
    Absolutely not.

    The only thing we really store are board names, board descriptions, as well as project keys and issue keys.

    We do not store any credentials, usernames, project names, or any other issue fields like summary, description ..etc
    Not at all.

    Once installed, simply visit the Simple Agile Boards section from the link in the main JIRA Header, and click on "Create Board". This will launch the board creation wizard, walking you through the steps needed to setup your first board. You should be up and running in just a few minutes.
    For more detailed steps, take a look at our documentation
    After you've installed the plugin, your JIRA instance will show a new "Simple Agile Boards" link in the main JIRA header, as well as a new "Simple Agile Boards" link in the project sidebar.
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